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About The Ween and The Queen

We're Heather and Josh, and this all started when we adopted a tiny Dachshund puppy named Dave in September 2016.

Because we're both millennials who have worked in e-commerce companies for most of our careers, we assumed that we'd discover great dog products the way that we discover most of the items we purchase—through trustworthy blogs, carefully-curated boutiques, and our favorite social media influencers.

But what we didn't expect was how hard it is to find great dog products on the internet. A lot of the products are ugly and dated, the dog food is unhealthy, and reliable review sites are almost non-existent.

Surprisingly, it was Dave's growing Instagram that saved us. As our amazing online community expanded, we connected with other dog owners who introduced us to design-oriented brands, inspiring small businesses, and talented artisans all over the world. 

In the fall of 2017, we launched The Dapple so we'd have a space to celebrate the next generation of exceptional dog products and experiences together. We hope you'll join us.

Wags and Kisses, 

Heather and Josh (+ Dave + Lizzie 🐾)


Questions? Media kit requests? Email us at email@thedapple.com.