Favorite Things Friday: January 12, 2018


Happy weekend, everyone! To be honest, this week has been a bit of a blur and I can't believe it's actually Friday. I guess I forgot how very, very busy puppies are. Our little NYC apartment has been pretty wild. 

But in the midst of the craziness, there's also the fun of all those puppy firsts—this week Elizabeth had her first "sit" on command, her first walk in Central Park, and her first time answering to her name. Those moments make all the potty training madness, furniture-chewing (RIP media console), and early-morning whimpering worth it.

In other news, here's what I'm loving from around the woof-web this week: 

1) Dying over these. They have so many breeds, too! 

2) Loving this video, which definitely got me through a long Tuesday. 

3) Throwing it back to my pre-teen years with this dog bowl.

4) Thinking all Dachshund owners can definitely identify with this V-Day card.

5) Wishing I could trade lives with Buster the Canine Operating Officer of The Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

6) Feeling v tempted by this dog teepee that's on sale.

7) Rooting for this chic new shop that launched this week.

8) Bookmarking this recipe because V-Day is just a month away!

9) Wondering if my friends and family disown me if I bought these...

That's all for now! Have a fun (and warm) weekend, everyone!

xo Heather (+ Dave + Lizzie 🐾)

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