Favorite Things Friday: January 19, 2018

A Weekly Round-Up of Rover-Related Links from Around the Web

Ready for warmer days.

Ready for warmer days.

Happy Friday, friends! I'll let you in on a little secret—I'm totally over January. It just feels like no matter how many Vitamin D tablets I take or how many hours I log in front of the S.A.D. light, this time of year leaves me feeling a little blue.

But instead of moping—as usual—this year I'm trying to enjoy the coziness of the winter. This week, I burned a gazillion Winter Forest candles (very on-sale right now!), baked bread, wore fuzzy socks, and spent a whole lot of time snuggled up with the dogs in this. What about you guys—what helps you get through January?

Anyway, here's what else I'm up to on the woof-web this week:

1) Wanting ALL the corgi gear. How adorable are these?

2) Reading all about this and still having a LOT of questions. 

3) Leaving this right here as a PSA to all our Jacksonville area friends.

4) Finally finding the perfect shop for dog-lover greeting cards, and thinking I need bulk orders of this one and this one.

5) Having some mixed feelings about this.

6) Wondering if Dave secretly listens to the Spice Girls too.

7) Browsing the 50% off sale at Pablo & Co.

8) Finally finding the deep-dive into the Corgis of The Crown that I've been looking for.

That's all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And seriously, if you have tips for beating back those January blues, let me know.

xo Heather

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