Favorite Things Friday: September 29, 2017

A Weekly Round-Up of Rover-Related Links from Around the Web



Happy almost-weekend, friends. Here's what I'm obsessing over this week:

 1) Encouraging everyone I know to support The Sato Project. You can follow along with their work helping dogs in Puerto Rico on Instagram or donate here.

2) Simultaneously baffled and charmed by this Amazon campaign marketing audio books for dogs. Can anyone tell me if they've tried this and it worked?

3) Dying to plan a trip to Chicago just to try out this dog food truck

4) Already plotting whose newborn is going to be gifted this adorable Dachshund hat.

5) Kind of loving the idea of fancy herbal tea for dogs. I'll post a review of my order of "Ruff Day" when I get it.

6) Clicking "Add to Cart" on ASOS's Corgi Pajamas. You're welcome. 


Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

xo Heather

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