Goodbye, New York!

We’ve got two big announcements!


I can hardly believe I’m writing this post, but we’ve got some big news to share. In just a few weeks, we’ll be packing up our little Brooklyn apartment and moving to Seattle.

It’s hard for me to believe that we’re leaving. I grew up in Seattle and spent a two-year stint there in my early twenties, but New York is where I’ve lived most of my adult life. So many major milestones have happened here—it’s where Josh first asked me out, where I had my first real job, and where we’ve raised both of our pups. I can’t even wrap my mind around all the people and places I’ll miss.

But we’re also really thrilled to start a new life in Seattle because… drumroll… we’re expecting a baby girl in September! We’re excited that both the pups and our new baby will get to go on outdoor adventures, live in a bigger space, and spend more time with my wonderful family.


Before you worry that this is going to become a baby blog, I’ll just let you know I’m not expecting anything to change on The Dapple. But I am really excited about adding some Pacific Northwest coverage to the site, doing more outdoor photography, and connecting with Seattle makers.

We’ll be driving from NYC to Seattle this month, so look out for some Insta Stories and blog content coming at you from the road. We’ve never road tripped with the dogs for that long, so if anyone has advice, definitely hit us up! And of course, we’d love to get recommendations for the best dog-friendly spots in the PNW.

Thanks again to all of you for following our journey on here! We so appreciate all the love and support from this community—you guys are amazing.

XO Heather, Josh, Dave, and Lizzie

P.S. I took a little break from Favorite Things Friday to deal with morning sickness and pre-moving craziness, but we’re back this week with a new one. You can find it here. Enjoy!