Meet the Maker: Breeze Henrique of Ziggis

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Ziggi wears the "Perfect Striped" bandana from Ziggis

Ziggi wears the "Perfect Striped" bandana from Ziggis

Today on Meet the Maker, we're chatting with Breeze Henrique, the founder of Ziggis. Breeze launched the fashion-forward dog apparel company last month and spoke with us about her inspiration, canine trends, and an exclusive offer for The Dapple's readers.

What kinds of products does Ziggis make?
Ziggis makes trendy, designer dog accessories and clothing. It's a new way of thinking about dogs’ fashion—not only can you be in style, but your dog can be too.

What led you to create Ziggis?

After our new dog, Ziggi, was brought into our family, we started searching for trendy dog outfits for him. I'm a designer and love fashion, so I started designing some pieces I would buy myself. My motto is that if I wouldn’t wear it, then neither would Ziggi.

What inspires your designs?

We get a lot of inspiration from current trends in stores and on the runway. We make sure we put those elements of design into our own unique pieces.

In a few words, how would you describe Ziggis' style?

Our style is simple, comfy, minimal, and trendy. But just like fashion trends, it's also constantly changing.

Ziggi models the "Looking Sharp" bandana

Ziggi models the "Looking Sharp" bandana

What’s your process for creating a new piece?

First, we look at design trends like patterns, colors, textures, etc. From there, we design our pieces incorporating those trends while making sure that the pieces are practical and the dogs are comfortable while wearing our clothing.

Where’s your favorite place to work?

I love to work in our home studio. Everything I need is there: my camera, studio equipment, sewing machine, supplies—and of course the inspiration of it all, Ziggi!

Breeze Henrique of Ziggis

Breeze Henrique of Ziggis

Any exciting upcoming plans for Ziggis?

Right now we're designing our new clothing collection. We're collecting different style trends and putting them into our new designs for dogs! Ziggi is testing them out for quality control.

What’s your favorite item you sell right now?

I love the "Looking Sharp" bandana. Cactuses are a big trend in accessories at the moment!

What's the most rewarding part of your work? 

We love seeing all the pictures of dogs wearing our products—each dog is so unique.

During February 2018, Ziggis is offering The Dapple's readers 20% off their order with code THEDAPPLE. Shop Ziggis at or follow them on Instagram here.