8 Doggy DIYS We Created with My Sticker Face

Rep your favorite dog with these easy DIYs using My Sticker Face. 

Personalized stickers from My Sticker Face. Plus, get 10% off your order with code DAPPLE10.

Personalized stickers from My Sticker Face. Plus, get 10% off your order with code DAPPLE10.

Confession time: I'm obsessed with stickers.

I think it has to do with growing up in the '90s because I'm pretty sure that was the golden age of stickers. Remember the Lisa Frank sticker books? Or the scratch-and-sniff stickers you'd get at the dentist, presumably as a reward for not biting your hygienist's hand? 

But you know what's even better than '90s stickers? Stickers of Dave and Lizzie's faces! Meet My Sticker Face, a company I'm 100% in love with.

They'll turn your face or your pet's face into a stylish sticker so you can personalize just about anything you want—you just upload a photo and they do the rest! Plus, the stickers are microwave and dishwasher-safe, so the DIY possibilities are basically endless. They're also currently offering our readers 10% off with code DAPPLE10.

Check out our eight favorite DIYS we created using our My Sticker Face stickers!

1# Doggy Diary

Add some stickers to transform an old journal into a one-of-a-kind doggy diary.

My STicker Face journal

2# A One-of-a-Kind Leash

Your dog walker will never forget which leash is yours.

My STicker Face leash

3# Pooch Pins

Pin your pet on any clothing, backpack, or accessory with custom pins. Get them in some My Sticker Face packages or separately here


4# A Pawsonalized Travel Cup 

Because your pup's face is the only thing that could make a cold iced coffee look even better.

My Sticker Face cup

5# A Fido Phone Case

Go ahead—be that dog mom.

My Sticker Face phone case

6# Fur baby Frisbee

Fetch is definitely happening.

My Sticker Face frisbee

7# Canine Cards

Create a card for any occasion.

My Sticker Face cards

8# Puppy Party Cups

Because ain't no party like a puppy party.

My Sticker Face cups