Review: Spot & Tango Dog Food

The Dapple reviews Spot & Tango’s dog food, previously known as Breuer Premium Pet Food.

But seriously, how cute is this packaging?

But seriously, how cute is this packaging?

If you love to order delivery, NYC is an amazing place to live. I've been known to order everything from cookie dough to sushi to ice to an air mattress (long story!) through delivery apps.

But having an NYC zip code also has an unexpected perk for pups—access to Spot & Tango

Although the Long Island City-based company currently only delivers in the five boroughs, here's hoping they expand nationally and globally because their dog food is amazing. 

We decided to try out Spot & Tango after seeing pictures of their adorable packaging on Instagram (I know—once again I'm a sucker for cute packaging on Instagram) and reading about their commitment to creating nutritious, locally-grown food for dogs.

We ordered a sample pack ($14) which comes with three different eight-ounce packages of human-grade food:  one Turkey & Red Quinoa, one Beef & Millet, and one Lamb & Brown Rice. It was roughly three days of food for Dave.

Dave enjoying his Spot & Tango food

Dave enjoying his Spot & Tango food

Spot & Tango Dog Food

I loved that when I unwrapped the adorable packaging off of their vacuum-sealed packages, I could recognize actual familiar foods like blueberries, quinoa, and carrots. You can also see some beautiful images of the food that goes into each blend on their site—they totally look like lunch from Joe & The Juice, not dog food from a pet store.

Dave especially enjoyed the Lamb & Brown Rice mix, which lists its ingredients as ground lamb, brown rice, spinach, green peas, carrots, blueberries, parsley, eggs, apple cider vinegar, and safflower oil. Definitely more nutritional value than my cookie dough delivery.

We're fans of Spot & Tango, but let us know what you think in the comments. Have you tried their pet food?

xo Heather