Finding the Best NYC Dog Treats

Best NYC Dog Treats

Dave is one spoiled dog. Here's the thing—as we put together our guide to dog-friendly restaurants, we kept stumbling on internet rumors about bakeries (and barkeries) where you can find locally-made dog treats and off-menu pup specials. 

We decided that the only way to be truly responsible dog bloggers was to embark on Dave's dream day: a dog treat crawl.

We combed through a million crazy Yelp reviews and outdated local news articles to try to figure out which shops and eateries around Manhattan were actively selling dog treats—and then we went and visited every single one. Here's our round-up—all of which have been hunted down in-person and taste-tested by Dave:


1) Zoomies New York Pizza Dog Treats: If you're looking for a NYC pup souvenir, check out these pizza-perfect treats from Zoomies. Available online or in-person at their shop.

2) Sprinkles Pupcakes: These sugar-free mini cupcakes were a hit with Dave. He loves soft dog treats and went nuts for the yogurt frosting. Sprinkles Pupcakes are available at Sprinkles locations around the city—although we recommend going early in the day since the store was sold out twice when we tried to get them in the late afternoon. 

3) Milk and Cookies Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats: This charming pocket-sized bakery in Greenwich Village doesn't just offer delectable rice krispy treats, it also sells Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats at its cash register. They were a little large for Dave, but he was plenty enthusiastic anyway.

4) By Chloe Peanut Butter Bones: This buzzy vegan restaurant also sells natural, vegan dog treats. One dollar from each bag goes to The Humane Society, which is pretty great, if you ask us. We picked up a bag at the West Village location, where you'll have to grab yours from the semi-hidden shelf next to the door before you head to the cashier. (Learned that one the hard way.)

5) Bouchon Bakery Dog Biscuits: Word on the street is that the secret ingredient in famed chef Thomas Keller's dog biscuits is foie gras. But we weren't able to verify that for sure. Regardless, Bouchon has two locations—in Rockefeller Center and Columbus Circle—and each is a great place to pick up a pastry and pack of pup treats.

6) Huascar & Co. Homemade Dog Treats: This teensie Hell's Kitchen shop sells delectable cupcakes by Cupcake Wars winner, Huascar Aquino. They also offer customers free homemade dog treats from a jar on their counter. If your pup wants more than one, place a custom order with the team.

7) Bocce's Truffle Mac & Cheese Biscuits: Bocce's Dog Biscuits is a popular local brand and Dave loves their Truffle Mac & Cheese treats. We picked ours up at Zoomies, but they're available at Whole Foods and Shake Shacks around the city.

8) Shake Shack Poochini: These puppy sundaes are a favorite on the internet—and with Dave. They feature two "Shackburger Biscuits" made by Bocce's Bakery, vanilla custard, and peanut butter sauce. Yum!


Moments from Our Dog Treat Crawl