New Bark City Style


This morning as I scraped mushy dog poop off the sidewalk using only a questionably-sturdy plastic bag, I found myself wondering for the millionth time why anyone would choose to have a dog in Manhattan.

There are plenty of great reasons not to have a dog here—tiny walk-up apartments, long working hours, and dog walkers who are so pricey that they can—allegedly—make six figures. (Can anyone tell me if this is true? Because if it is, I'm totally doing life wrong.)

And while all of those things straight-up suck, there are also a lot of pretty great parts of being a dog owner here. There are off-leash hours in Central Park, dog-friendly sidewalk cafes, and endless dog meet-ups. We love our city and wanted to round up some of the fab products repping NYC.

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1) Brooklyn Hoodie 2) Metrocard Dog Toy 3) NY Snow Globe Dog Toy 4) NYC Pretzels Dog Treats 5) Henri Bendel Dog Collar

6) Harry Barker New York Taxi Dog Toy


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xo Heather

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