Pretty and Practical Pup Carriers

Did someone say vacation?

Did someone say vacation?

I hope I won't get dog-mom-shamed for this, but Dave escaped on a plane this summer. 

I've been terrified that he would get out of his carrier every single time we've flown—and then it actually happened.

During our landing on an early morning flight from NYC to Minneapolis, I reached into his carrier under my seat to check that he was doing okay. I guess I didn't completely zip it back up and he nosed his way out while we were taxiing. 

In the noise and chaos of landing, I didn't notice Dave was gone until the man next to me tapped me on the arm and said words I will never forget: "Miss, is that your wiener dog?"

I turned in my seat and saw Dave working his way down the airplane aisle like J-Law on a red carpet.

After a flying tackle that should have earned me a spot in the NFL, we were able to get Dave back in his carrier. Needless to say, I didn't make eye contact with anyone until we were out of the airport.

If nothing else, that (horrifying) story proves how important it is to have a great dog carrier. We've rounded up our fave pretty and practical pet carriers—from space age styles to splurgey designer bags—here. 

Let us know what carrier you love and any travel hacks you have for traveling with pets. 

xo Heather

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