Review: The Farmer's Dog Food

We like to joke that Dave is a lean ween machine, but he actually puts on the pounds pretty quickly.

That's why I'm especially excited to introduce our readers to local business, The Farmer's Dog. They're working to create human-grade dog food that nourishes our pups and takes the hassle out of ordering food regularly. 

To get Dave's first box, we completed a quiz online about his lifestyle, age, weight, and eating patterns. Then our box of food from The Farmer's Dog arrived with neat little packets of turkey, pork, and beef prepared just for Dave. 

No surprise—he loved it. 👇🏼


The Farmer's Dog team is so dedicated to helping dogs everywhere eat healthy that they even feature instructions for DIY-ing their dog food online, which is pretty cool. 

Plus, not only did Dave get super excited about mealtime every day, but he also had more energy—if that's possible—after just a few weeks of switching over to The Farmer's Dog.

Have you guys tried The Farmer's Dog? What did you and your pups think?


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