Favorite Things Friday: October 13, 2017

A Weekly Round-Up of Rover-Related Links from Around the Web

Photo courtesy of  Grounds and Hounds

Photo courtesy of Grounds and Hounds

Happy Friday-the-13th, everyone! Here are my favorite dog-related things on this not-so-unlucky fall Friday:

1) Planning a trip to Ikea to scope out all the fab and minimalist dog products in their new pet line

2) Feeling extremely proud of our neighborhood's doggy daycare, Camp Canine, for their dedication to helping Puerto Rican dogs. Right now, they're raising 17 (!) puppies rescued from hurricane devastation. If you have $ to spare, consider checking out their registry of needs.

3) Watching and re-watching the videos of this inventor-genius.  Has anyone tried this for their pups? 

4) Feeling thrilled that I've found a company that combines two of my favorite things—dogs and coffee. 

5) Bookmarking this recipe for Sunday afternoon treats because it's officially pupkin ice cream season.

6) Getting ahead of my holiday shopping and deciding that even the international shipping might be worth it for this doggy advent calendar.

7) Crankin' this calming dog playlist at that 8 p.m. hour when Dave starts racing around the apartment.

What are you loving this Friday? Happy weekend, everyone!

xo Heather

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