Anthropologie x Deny Designs = 😍

Photo courtesy of Deny Designs

Photo courtesy of Deny Designs

Tell me I'm not alone in this, but I think there's a special satisfaction when two separate things (or people) that you love get together.

I'm thinking of how I felt when John Krasinski and Emily Blunt got married. Or when I heard Chip and Joanna Gaines were doing a Target line. Or when Nabisco gave the world Candy Corn Oreos

Anyway, that's exactly how I felt when I discovered Deny Designs is selling an Anthropologie holiday pet line. The whole line is a dream of sea foam, millennial pink, and holiday prints. I want all of it.

I went through the harrowing process of choosing my top twelve here. Tell me your fave in the comments. 👇🏽

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