Why We Love Waggo
lightning-3 (1).jpg

Here's a fun fact about Dave: he's never happy until every single one of his stuffed animals, squeakers, bones, and ropes is in the middle of the living room floor.

lightning-fix-1 (1).jpg

Eventually, I can't handle the mess and move them all back to his toy basket. Then we repeat the whole process over again. And again. And again.

I bring all this up to say that I've discovered life is a whole lot easier for me (and I guess also for Dave) when we buy dog toys that don't make the living room look like an ugly mess.

That's why I was thrilled when I discovered Waggo. Their toys are not only durable, but also simple and graphic in a way that looks great on Instagram—or on the floor.

We recently had a chance to try out Waggo's new Frightnin' Lightnin dog toy,* and it definitely meets both my standards and Dave's.

The Frightnin' Lightnin' is made of durable, non-toxic rubber for long hours of chewing. Not only is Dave obsessed with it, but he hasn't destroyed it yet, which is pretty abnormal for him. Plus, it looks adorable on the floor!

We've rounded up some of our other favorites from Waggo below. Tell us in the comments if you've tried them or what other dog toy brand is living-room-floor-approved in your house.




*This is not a sponsored post, but we did receive a free Frightnin' Lightnin' in exchange for our Instagram of Dave with his toy.