Boots Made for Walking

Dave's general reaction to wearing shoes.

Dave's general reaction to wearing shoes.

As much as I love boots season, I don't think there's a world in which Dave is ever going to be happy having anything on his feet. 

But winter is coming. And along with winter, we'll also be facing freezing temps and salted sidewalks, which are a dog owner's worst nightmare for a lot of reasons. The only real solution is to lock down a pair of solid dog boots to protect those tiny paws.

We've tried a lot of different boots and so far, MaxPawz has been our favorite. (This is not a sponsored post.) We tried the ones that look like little water balloons, but were almost impossible to get onto Dave's paws. We tried some fur-lined ones that looked very cute, but came off in seconds. We tried some zip-up ones that looked hearty, but Dave chewed to pieces before we reached the front door. 

Here's why we like MaxPawz:

1) Their boots zip, velcro, AND tie on so they're almost impossible for pups to chew off themselves.

2) They've got a nice traction sole on the bottom.

3) They are relatively easy to put on.

We'll be rocking Dave's MaxPawz boots this winter, but we'd love to hear what's working for you guys. How do you protect your pup's paws in winter?