Finally! A Cute and Stylish Dog Harness
dave-day1-4 (2).jpg

Today I'm super excited to write about one of my very biggest dog-brand crushes, PUPSTYLE Store

I actually discovered PUPSTYLE before they even launched by fangirl-ing over their Insta page. (I'd like to say I was into them before they were cool, but I'm pretty sure they were always cool.) Anyway, I could immediately tell from their aesthetic that they were the dog brand I'd been looking for.

You may or may not know this, but a lot of dogs (especially long wiener dogs) need to wear harnesses instead of collars to support their backs. But dog harnesses are generally about as stylish as my seventh grade orthodontic head gear. Yep, not so cute.


That's where PUPSTYLE Store came to our rescue. Not only are they creating a whole fabulous line of chic, minimalist dog gear, they started by launching the world's cutest pup harness. I should probably add here for credibility that this isn't a sponsored post, just a very enthusiastic one.*

It's the first time Dave's ever worn a harness and not tried to chew/roll/claw/somersault his way out of it. Plus, he looks adorable. I honestly can't recommend these guys enough. 

The PUPSTYLE harness currently comes in three patterns: Greys for Days, Ziggy Pop, and Blessed. Dave is modeling the Blessed pattern (size small) in the pics. 

The team also just launched a line of beautiful bandanas and bowties, with which—of course—I am also obsessed. 

Let us know if you've tried a PUPSTYLE harness. What did you think?

*However, we did receive a free harness during their launch, probably just to get me to stop sending them so much fan mail.